Shirley Azachee is a very special lady and an excellent real estate agent.  We were total rookies, knowing nothing of the "ins and outs" of selling a home.  She was very knowledgeable and patient, leading us through the whole process, and achieving a very positive result .  We recommend her most highly.

Penny and Jon Austin

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm  writing to you in regards to one of your Sales Representative Ms. Shirley Azachee.  It was a real pleasure working with someone who really cares about their client. Shirley went above and beyond in getting my condo sold.  I originally listed my condo with the builder.  It sat on the market for 74 days with a price reduction until it eventually expired.  Once I listed it with Shirley it sold in 13 days for top dollar in comparison to other condos in the same building.  I have and will continue to recommend Shirley as a Sales Representative that gets the job done. 

Gino Ruffolo

Sunday evening, 8pm. Wednesday morning, 7am. And Tuesday night, 11:30pm. These are some of the times that my wife and I desperately needed to contact our real estate agent. Was I surprised that Shirley Azachee immediately went to bat for us? No. Am I suggesting to call her in the middle of the night? Please, no! But anyone who shows this much dedication to her clients clearly loves what she does, and if your real estate agent loves what she does, you will win. Simple as that.

The reason my wife and I are so incredibly happy with our new home is because on top of loving her job, Shirley clearly has a passion and talent for what she does, and she is great at it. There’s no question; if you are buying a home, you need an agent. But if you want the perfect home, you need Shirley Azachee.

When you meet her, one of the first things you will notice is her attitude. Immediately, it will become clear that this agent is somehow different from the rest. Calm down, it’s ok. You probably haven’t come across this before, but she is genuinely interested in helping you. You may also notice the absence of a large amount of stress, the type that normally comes from buying a house. Many will panic at this point, but don’t be alarmed. What you are experiencing is Shirley’s amazingly positive attitude in combination with a type of confidence, all of which is being transferred to you, thus allowing you to rest assured that everything is in control.

I don’t mean to imply that there weren’t stressful times during our purchase (or that my wife and I didn’t have a single argument). But when I think back to our experience together, all I remember are the positive interactions that we had, the laughter, the conversations, and always looking forward to meeting her. We seriously began to get excited before going to see a house not only for the house, but for spending more time together!

Finally, if you’re still not sold, Shirley found us the perfect home at a great price. In fact, it’s so much more than what we initially wanted. We never imagined that such a house could exist in our price range, and that we would buy it much lower than asking price!

Shirley, you have done so much for us. You found us this wonderful home, we paid the right price, and we had an absolutely amazing experience with you. We truly cannot thank you enough.

Andrew Catalano

Choosing Ms. Azachee as our Real estate agent was the best decision we had ever made during the purchase of our first home. Ms. Azachee was referred to us by our Mortgage specialist at the Royal Bank of Canada. It was evident that she was successful, highly experienced and knowledgeable because she was prepared to administer every stage of the process perfectly. She pre-prepared us for every step we were about to take, explained the process and paperwork in detail, answered all of our questions and made sure that we were well informed before every decision we made. She then went through each step of the way with us never leaving our side, and made sure that we were satisfied at the end of each and every single day. Her experience and knowledge were also reflected through her familiarity with the market. She researched each neighborhood, builder, and local market conditions for us providing us with all the necessary information to evaluate each property we visited and to make well calculated decisions. She also was a great negotiator. She was bold, fair, truthful, and stood up for our interests before her own. There was a point where we almost agreed to pay way more than necessary. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, she honestly advised us and saved us a significant amount of our savings. Now this is true integrity in representing one’s client!

In order to maintain such outstandingly high quality service, Ms. Azachee was literally our full time agent. She was never unavailable and maintained constant communication via every possible method. She was always promptly responsive and immediately returned our calls, e-mails, texts etc. Even when we did not inquire, she regularly and voluntarily made sure we were kept in the loop by checking in even if there is nothing to report.

Another aspect that made Ms. Azachee an exceptional real estate agent for us was that she knew and respected our needs even when we did not ask. My fiancé and I had limited mobility during our search and she drove us to and back from every property we visited. She even arranged for a representative from the law firm to pay us a visit in order to sign all the documents. Even when the purchase was complete, Ms. Azachee was checking in on us during moving day and the days that followed to make sure we were satisfied. She was incredible and we could not have asked for more.

Throughout of all of the aforementioned experience, Ms. Azachee always reflected enthusiasm and passion for her job. She made us feel confident that we were working with a highly successful member of the industry because she was determined, hardworking, diligent, and focused. In addition, she was also very personable, and an inspirational person.

As a conclusion, buying our first house was a substantial investment for us, and so one can understand how daunting this may be. However, the way Ms. Azachee handled the procedure with us could not have made us feel any more confident and at ease. She was truly incredible and we love our new home!

Jade Atallah

Let’s just say that the entire process of selling our old house and buying our new could not have been as easy as it was without Shirley Azachee. She has an awesome personality. She is a person with tremendous amount of patience. We spent many months looking at properties. She never pressured us to buy anything we didn’t like. You can tell she enjoys her work as she does it with such professionalism. She always answered all my calls and emails very promptly. She was always available whenever we needed her. Shirley went well above and beyond her responsibilities as a Realtor throughout the process. I know none who is as dedicated and committed to her work, which is why I think Shirley is best in her field.

I would not hesitate recommending Shirley Azachee to anyone contemplating buying and/or selling their home. 

(From my dad)... "Shirley, what a nice lady".

Zuheda Gulmohamed and Kassam Adam

As a first time home seller Shirley was superb. I required a tremendous amount of hand holding; from December 2011 to present Shirley was available any time I requested her to answer any question no matter trivial. When it finally came time to list my place Shirley and I visited other condo suites like mine to educate me on the list price. I was worried all summer about my listing because in the area things were not selling too well and were on the market for 90 days or more. My listing was complete and I sold my place within 7 days. I truly believe part of that was due to Shirley and her professionalism.

I would recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell his or her home. 

Lori Austin

Dear Sir,

I am trying to finish all the things I wanted to do this year and this is one of those things.

We have use your representative Shirley Minhinnett services to find a house for rent or lease in Oakville and Mississauga area last spring.  I just want to tell you that she should be a model to rest of the real estate agents on how to treat a client. Her energy was incredible, she was able to work very late and feed us with new listings all the time. We have visited many different houses and she never objected to our suggestion to see some more places. Finally, we have founded exactly of what we were looking for - thanks to Shirley. She was very polite and tactful - not forcing her opinion on us. She provided us with information and suggestions and that's what we like the most.

In the future when we will be looking for a real estate agent - Shirley will get our first call.

Robert and Grazina Rusin

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